Christmas Santa Claus’s Red Elk Charm


925 Sterling Silver triple dangle charm featuring a Christmas tree, Santa’s and , Red Elk. Each part is made of smooth enamel in different colors, such as green, red, white and blue. The charm also has zircon gemstones that sparkle in the light. The gemstones are green, white and blue, matching the colors of the enamel. Red Elk is holding a gold sparkling heart-shaped zircon gemstone. This charm is a perfect gift for someone who loves Christmas and wants to celebrate the season with style.

Tell your story with each charm and create a bracelet that reflects who you are. Your style. Your bracelet. Your story.

The charm will fit all top brand charm bracelets and bangles. It will also fit 3mm European snake-chain charm bracelets. It slides onto the bracelet. Hole size – 4.5mm

Metal: 100% 925 Sterling Silver. All our charms are sourced from our trusted long-term supplier who specialise in making the highest quality genuine sterling silver jewelry.


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