Autism Awareness Heart Puzzle Charm


925 Sterling Silver Autism charm, featuring a heart with sliver puzzle pieces and one missing puzzle piece dangling from the bottom, designed with smooth enamel. The puzzle pieces symbolize individuality and the puzzle as a whole represents unity.

925 Sterling Silver dangle charm featuring an Autism Awareness Heart Puzzle designed with smooth red and silver enamel. The puzzle has the words “Love” engraved on a small heart.

Tell your story with each charm and create a bracelet that reflects who you are. Your style. Your bracelet. Your story.

The charm will fit all top brand charm bracelets and bangles. It will also fit 3mm European snake-chain charm bracelets. It slides onto the bracelet. Hole size – 4.5mm

Metal: 100% 925 Sterling Silver. All our charms are sourced from our trusted long-term supplier who specialise in making the highest quality genuine sterling silver jewelry.

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